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The long session's few new ideas

The first few weeks of the long session have been full of bills we’ve seen before – from legislation previously vetoed by Gov. Roy Cooper to bills that just didn’t make it across the finish line last year.

HBCUs could get boost from new legislative caucus

A bipartisan group of legislators packed into the General Assembly press conference room Wednesday morning to voice their support for the state’s 10 historically Black colleges and universities.

House to vote next week on Medicaid expansion bill

The House plans to vote next week on expanding Medicaid, but it’s unclear if the legislature is any closer to reaching a compromise that can pass both chambers.

Senate squashes amendments on hotel bill

One of the key differences between the Senate and the House is how each chamber typically handles amendments from the minority party.

Lawmakers look at housing issues

The shortage of housing – and a lack of affordability – are likely to be key topics this legislative session, although bills on the subject might not draw as much attention as hot-button social issues.

House looks to recycle a recycling bill

Rep. Harry Warren, R-Rowan, hopes the third time will be the charm for his bill to add new incentives for plastic recycling programs and efforts to use environmentally friendly food containers.

Two appointments confirmed in Senate

The Senate unanimously confirmed two key appointments by Gov. Roy Cooper during its first voting session of the year Tuesday.

Amendment could have three-fifths support

A proposed constitutional amendment to elect the State Board of Education gained a critical supporter from the minority party on Tuesday.

State Health Plan details reasons why Aetna beat Blue Cross

State Treasurer Dale Folwell’s team released public records Tuesday that detailed how Blue Cross Blue Shield lost its contract administering the State Health Plan.

Will Regan run for office?

A persistent rumor in political circles these days is that EPA Administrator Michael Regan, the former secretary of the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality, might run for governor in 2024.

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