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Grants fund industrial cybersecurity, other courses

To meet employers’ needs in a modern job market, community colleges are trying to go well beyond traditional career readiness offerings like plumbing and welding. But high-tech programs aren’t cheap.

Tussle over State Health Plan public records

It’s been more than a month since the State Health Plan awarded a new contract to Aetna over Blue Cross Blue Shield, but the actual bids from each company haven’t yet been released as public records. That means we don’t yet know details about the provider networks offered by each company or exactly how the costs of using each company would differ.

New video shows Wood's enablers at Edmisten office

State Auditor Beth Wood wasn’t the only person who made a “mistake in judgment” around a December holiday party, a new bystander video shows.

Sports betting fight brews

After a near miss last year, sports betting legislation could be among the first hot topics to come up as the long session cranks up.

NCDOT pays back transfer from its overspending era

Remember a few years back when the N.C. Department of Transportation was under fire for overspending its budget? State Treasurer Dale Folwell at one point even called for then-Secretary Jim Trogdon to be fired.

Could Medicaid funding help pay for child care?

Could Medicaid help pay for child care and community college training to get more people back into the workforce?

BOG blasts teacher training programs on reading

The UNC Board of Governors strongly criticized the universities’ teacher preparation programs over their failure to adhere to mandates that they train teachers in the “science of reading” approach.

New UNC policy could limit topics in job interviews

Last month, an advocacy group with ties to N.C. Senate Republicans took aim at an N.C. State microbiology professor job posting that required applicants to submit their “plans for implementing antiracism and equity-based practice.”

Third insurer joins battle over Health Plan contract

Blue Cross Blue Shield isn’t the only insurance company filing a formal protest against the State Health Plan’s decision to switch to Aetna in 2023.

AFP backs marijuana, opposes Medicaid expansion

The influential conservative group Americans For Prosperity has released its legislative agenda for North Carolina this year.

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