Health Care

Berger floats possibility of an abortion compromise next year

Abortion will clearly be one of the most contentious – and hardest to predict – issue that the legislature will tackle next year.

New report critical of Certificate of Need law

As negotiations over Certificate of Need regulations continue to tie up Medicaid expansion, the conservative Americans For Prosperity Foundation issued a report Monday criticizing the CON process for expanding health care infrastructure.

Legislative leaders discuss possible action on tax cuts, redistricting, abortion

Senate leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore told reporters on Wednesday that they don’t expect to hold any votes during the brief scheduled legislative sessions later this month and in December. Moore, who’d previously floated the idea of a December session for action on redistricting and/or Medicaid expansion, said “I don’t want to interfere with Christmas.”

Budget & Taxes

Sales tax hikes voted down in five NC counties

Five counties across North Carolina had the worst political timing this year: They asked voters to raise local sales tax rates amid sky-high inflation.

Groups criticize NC pension fund's ties to corporate landlord

Progress Residential is among the national companies in the headlines for buying up single-family homes to convert to rental properties, driving up home prices and making it harder for first-time homebuyers to buy property.

Revenue challenges at N.C. Industrial Commission

Speaking of budget shortfalls, the head of the N.C. Industrial Commission told lawmakers this week that it’s struggling to cover employee salaries from fee revenue alone.


Cooper announces picks for new UNC commission

Gov. Roy Cooper on Wednesday announced his appointments for his new Governor's Commission on the Governance of Public Universities in North Carolina – and it’s a bipartisan group.

UNC System enrollment drops prompt funding request

Facing steep enrollment declines, UNC System officials plan to ask lawmakers next year for additional funding help for three campuses where the drop in students has been particularly sharp.

House panel looks to change school calendars

One of the most active interim legislative committees this year has been the House Select Committee on An Education System for North Carolina's Future. It’s held hearings all over the state and heard presentations on a broad range of education issues.


Poll Watch: 2024 hypothetical primaries for governor

We’re only a few weeks out from the 2022 election, but there’s already a poll evaluating possible candidates for the 2024 governor’s race.

New report looks at unaffiliated voters

Several of North Carolina’s best-known political scientists released a new report Monday digging into the available data on the state’s unaffiliated voters.

McCrory, Ric Flair among this year's write-in votes

Tallying write-in votes might be the most tedious post-election job. With a few rare exceptions (usually small-town elections), write-in candidates don’t win or come even close.