Farley, Hardister are two candidates for labor commissioner

Raleigh lawyer Luke Farley and state Rep. Jon Hardister are two Republicans running to be the next labor commissioner for North Carolina.

Former state representative Brawley files to run for insurance commissioner

Brawley would face incumbent Mike Causey in the Republican primary

Rollback of some environmental regulations

H462 had caught my eye earlier in the session, as it calls for the rollback of some environmental regulations pertaining to aquaculture, which is the fancy way of saying fish farming. On first impression, it wasn’t obvious what the beef was all about (so to speak), but I presumed the …

New leader of N.C. Democratic Party faces an old challenge

The N.C. Democratic Party has new leadership, but key legislators say new Chairwoman Anderson Clayton and her team face an old challenge: money, and how to get its hands on enough to help the party's candidates compete.

Democrats to vote on leadership this weekend

Democratic Party leaders from across the state will meet this weekend to elect their state party chair – a contest that could have big implications for their direction.

Will Regan run for office?

A persistent rumor in political circles these days is that EPA Administrator Michael Regan, the former secretary of the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality, might run for governor in 2024.

Cooper campaign posts big 2022 fundraising numbers

Which Council of State member raised the most money in the second half of 2022? It wasn’t one of the two gubernatorial hopefuls, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson or Attorney General Josh Stein.

Robinson's campaign spending challenge

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s campaign raised $708,724 during the second half of 2022 – but he spent much of that amount over the same period.

Stein looks to bypass Democratic primary fight for governor

Surprising no one, Attorney General Josh Stein launched his candidacy for governor on Wednesday morning.

Hardister launches campaign for labor commissioner

N.C. Rep. Jon Hardister, R-Guilford, made it official on Wednesday: He'll run for labor commissioner in 2024. Hardister, the House majority whip, said last month he was considering a run. He'll face fellow Rep. Ben Moss, R-Richmond, and possibly others, in the Republican primary following Labor Commissioner Josh Dobson's decision …

Contested race emerges to lead N.C. Democrats

It’s no secret that many N.C. Democrats are unhappy with their party’s leadership after an unimpressive showing in the 2022 elections. While the current chair, former Rep. Bobbie Richardson of Franklin County, announced that she’ll seek a second term, she won’t be running unopposed.

Inflation hits campaign contribution limits

Here’s an unfortunate sign of the economic times: The maximum campaign contribution for state races is increasing by $800 per election, from $5,600 to $6,400.

Candidate Watch: Council of State

Hal Weatherman, the former chief of staff and campaign manager for Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, has filed paperwork to run for lieutenant governor in 2024.

Case will test free speech for election board members

The Dobson election wasn’t the only Surry County election drama on the State Board of Elections’ agenda Monday. The board also considered a petition from longtime election watchdog Bob Hall – as well as several left-leaning advocacy groups – seeking to remove the two Republican members of the Surry elections …

New election ordered in Surry County

John Jonczak isn’t dead. And thanks to a unanimous vote Monday by the State Board of Elections, neither is his candidacy for the Dobson town commission.