Follow The Money: Judicial primary PAC

One way for political campaign organizations to obscure their finances is to wait until after Election Day to file final disclosure reports. So even though the information is less relevant weeks later, I like to go back and answer questions that went unanswered during my election coverage.

Are unaffiliated voters really independent?

There’s a lot of talk about the rise of unaffiliated voters, who now outnumber registered Democrats and Republicans, according to State Board of Elections registration statistics. Are many of these people true swing voters – persuadable folks who aren’t loyal to one of the two major political parties?

Latest redistricting fight: Who should pay special masters?

The advocacy groups that filed the initial lawsuit say the legislature ought to pay, arguing that its “unconstitutional conduct” created the need for special masters in the first place. Attorneys for lawmakers disagree, saying that because appeals are still active in the case, judges should hold off for now on …

Follow The Money: Council of State committees

The quirks of campaign finance law offer something of a fundraising advantage for politicians who hold a Council of State office. They’re able to form joint campaign organizations with fellow Council of State members from their party, and the groups don’t have contribution limits like a regular campaign because they …

More details on possible December redistricting

Neither Senate nor House leadership is ruling out a December session on redistricting at this point, but the reasons differ a bit.

Smith left off national GOP's congressional list?

The National Republican Congressional Committee had an interesting omission in its latest list of “On The Radar” candidates it’s backing in North Carolina.

NCGOP wants further scrutiny on absentee ballots

The State Board of Elections is asking for feedback on a request from the N.C. Republican Party to add a stronger verification process to signatures on absentee ballots.

Follow The Money: State party fundraising

The N.C. Democratic Party posted larger fundraising numbers than its Republican counterpart during the first quarter of this year.

Possible candidates to replace Martin in N.C. House

Rep. Grier Martin’s resignation to take a job at the Pentagon means Wake County will get a new representative later this summer, and names of potential candidates are beginning to emerge.

How quickly will lawmakers redraw congressional maps?

Redistricting is back in the news this week thanks to a comment from House Speaker Tim Moore that the legislature might hold a December session to redraw congressional maps.

Poll Watch: Legislative swing districts

A pair of conservative groups recently polled key legislative issues, but rather than surveying voters statewide, it polled two Senate swing districts and one House swing district. The common factor in the districts selected is that each has a potentially vulnerable Republican incumbent – which suggests that the poll might …

Green Party back on ballot after petition drive

The N.C. Green Party will be back on the ballot this fall, including its U.S. Senate candidate, Matthew Hoh.

Poll Watch: Mixed news for Beasley

A new East Carolina University poll out this week has bad news for U.S. Senate candidate Cheri Beasley. It has Republican U.S. Rep. Ted Budd leading with 47%, while just 39% said they’d back Beasley and 12% were undecided.

Green Party getting close to ballot access

The N.C. Green Party said Friday that it has now submitted petitions with 17,000 signatures to get back on the ballot this fall, including 2,500 submitted in Wake County alone.

Four N.C. primary runners-up to watch in the future

Politics is an all-or-nothing sport. Coming close to victory in an election doesn’t get you much, and the focus in the post-primary period is always on the winners. But I think it’s worth highlighting some of the primary candidates who overperformed expectations and came within a few percentage points of …