Career planning for kids

Sixth grade isn't too soon for kids to start thinking about what they might do with their lives, in the view of the supporters of a new bill pending in the N.C. Senate.

Hints of a wider scope for faculty buyout fund

A proposed incentive fund to entice professors on five UNC System campuses to retire could have broader applications in the 16-university system, its CFOtold legislators on Wednesday.

UNC's wish list

The UNC System's Board of Governors is meeting this week and among other things is scheduled to ratify its fiscal 2023-24 budget request to the General Assembly.

HBCUs could get boost from new legislative caucus

A bipartisan group of legislators packed into the General Assembly press conference room Wednesday morning to voice their support for the state’s 10 historically Black colleges and universities.

Amendment could have three-fifths support

A proposed constitutional amendment to elect the State Board of Education gained a critical supporter from the minority party on Tuesday.

Truitt wants more control over training center

Legislation to mandate a specific vendor for educational software climbed aboard a broader “education omnibus” bill Tuesday. House Bill 26 is the first piece of legislation to pass a committee vote in this year’s long session.

House bill picks vendor for education software

It’s rare for state legislators to decide exactly which company should get a major state government contract.

Could Medicaid funding help pay for child care?

Could Medicaid help pay for child care and community college training to get more people back into the workforce?

BOG blasts teacher training programs on reading

The UNC Board of Governors strongly criticized the universities’ teacher preparation programs over their failure to adhere to mandates that they train teachers in the “science of reading” approach.

New UNC policy could limit topics in job interviews

Last month, an advocacy group with ties to N.C. Senate Republicans took aim at an N.C. State microbiology professor job posting that required applicants to submit their “plans for implementing antiracism and equity-based practice.”

Leandro mandate about 60% funded

With a new Supreme Court coming in January, it’s not exactly what will happen next with the Leandro education funding case. But this week, the Office of State Budget and Management filed an affidavit in court that calculates a price tag on how much of the court mandate is still …

'Antiracism' in N.C. State professor job posting

Should an application to be an N.C. State microbiology professor include the job candidate’s “plans for implementing antiracism and equity-based practice” in the classroom?

Constitutional amendment proposed for State Board of Education

Should voters decide on a constitutional amendment that would shift educational oversight authority from the State Board of Education to the superintendent of public instruction?

Legislative committee recommends more computer science education

Should computer science classes be required as one of the UNC System’s undergraduate admission requirements?

Cheap tuition program now serving 20,000 students

State legislators got an update Tuesday on the program that provides $500-per-semester tuition at four UNC System campuses.